10 Reasons to buy an apartment in DC

    There are many reasons why Washington DC is the best place in the United States to buy an apartment. If you are craving the city life, then head to Washington DC where life gets exciting and fun. If you are relocating to DC and worried about the housing market there, we ensure you that the housing market in DC is one of the growing markets in the region. It’s no secret that buying an apartment in a new city can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. That is why we come here to ensure you that buying an apartment in DC is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Here we give you 10 reasons to buy an apartment in DC.

    1- New construction
    When it comes to new construction, there is a lot of work being put into Washington DC. Developers are building new houses by the second for the housing market in DC is extremely appealing and attractive to homebuyers. This only reflects the high demand in this area from investors and homebuyers. Which is why developers are currently providing interested buyers with more places to buy property.

    2- The Low unemployment rate
    One more reason that makes Washington DC housing market attractive to homebuyer is the low unemployment rate. Hence, settling down and starting a family is actually possible.

    Knowing what to expect from the job market is what encourages homebuyers to buy apartments in DC. The low unemployment rate in DC increases investors confidence as both are inextricably linked since job security in DC is what drives homebuyers to take a step forward towards buying an apartment there.

    3- Good view wherever you are sitting
    No matter where you choose to buy an apartment in the city, you will have a great view to look at wherever you sit in your apartment. Thanks to an old D.C. law that limits building restrictions to no higher than 160 feet, you will never get disappointed with the view. When buying an apartment in DC, choose an area with low buildings as DC have also towers just like any other place. So to avoid that, just buy where you get a nice view all year round.

    4- Plenty of attractions
    When living in Washington DC, you will never get bored for a second. During the weekends you will find plenty of places to visit for the state is a place unlike any other.

    Featuring plenty of attractions such monuments and memorials, eclectic neighborhoods, museums, hidden gems, and neighborhoods; DC also has opera houses and theaters, cabarets, music halls and other places of live entertainment.
    When buying an apartment in DC, you will never get short of entertainment options.

    5- Efficient and accessible transportation
    Buying an apartment in DC, you won’t need a car to go to work or do your daily errands for the area offers easy access to public transportations. This way even when you do own a car, you won’t feel the need to use it that much. DC residents are used to using the public transportation system for their daily commute.

    WalkScore awarded The District with a transit score of 70, making it clock in at the fourth best city for public transportation in the nation. Believe us, you will save plenty of cash on the side using public transportation instead of buying a car.

    6- Plenty of outdoor activities
    With its ample sidewalks, abundant public parks and miles of panoramic trails, Washington, the state of Washington offer some of the best outdoor activities in the U.S.

    Whether you fancy hiking, biking or taking a relaxing boat ride or even unwinding with a picnic in the city, Washington DC is an extremely friendly destination for those looking to have a remarkable outdoor experience.

    7- Affordable
    Homeownership in Washington DC is becoming cheaper than renting an apartment. Low mortgage rates and moderating home prices have made owning a home more affordable. Now homebuyers can actually afford to buy an apartment in DC that falls within their budget without having to suffer to pay installments.

    8- Environment-friendly
    Washington is known for its green spaces and parks. The state now has over than 7,800 acres of parkland where residents can enjoy eco-friendly recreational activities. Washington consistently ranks among the top five in various rankings of the most environmentally friendly states.

    9- Better Educational Options
    The hardest things for families when moving to a new city is securing that their kids will have a better educational chance. The best education combines quality in the classroom with enhanced learning opportunities outside the classroom and that is what DC’s educational facilities offer. Whether schools or universities, DC’s educational facilities features high-performing educational entities that give each child and adult access to a quality education.

    10- Various Housing Options
    Washington DC housing market is filled with plenty of housing options. Apartments are available with various sizes and style. You will always find an apartment to fit every lifestyle in Washington DC. Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom or a two-bedroom or a three-bedroom apartment, DC’s housing market has it all.

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