4 Tips to Throwing a Perfect Fall BBQ

    Fall can be the perfect time to get in one last backyard BBQ! Whether you are new to barbecuing, or you’ve been doing it for years, it is always good to know how you can make or update your BBQ set up! Once you acquire the BBQ supplies, you will never have to worry about having a stale BBQ ever again! Here are some of the top backyard BBQ must-haves.

    1. Stock up on grill necessities 

    While working the grill, you’re going to need some basics to ensure your food comes out delicious and not burnt. You can start with the basic grilling tools. Maybe even get yourself a BBQ griddle that you can cook the veggies in. A grill cover would also be great if you have nowhere to store your grill indoors. Safety is of the utmost importance, so don’t forget about a meat thermometer! You should also have a few small things here and there like coolers, charcoal, and food prep tools. Last but not least, some grill cleaning tools will go perfectly for the care your grill will need post BBQ.

    2. Buy a quality grill 

    Undeniably, the grill is the heart of the BBQ. This is where all the soul comes from. This also means that it should be a really nice grill if you want to keep the blood of the BBQ pumping! You want to aim for quality and portability. This is good for being able to easily bust it out when needed. It is also fantastic if you want to take the party on the road. Imagine being the life of a tailgate party or at the beach! As for those rainy days or even winter, you can easily store it away to wait for the sun.


    3. Plan some backyard games

    A BBQ can feel somewhat incomplete without some good backyard fun. For a more classic feel, you can have some cornhole or horseshoes set up. This is great for all ages. If you can swing it, grab a volleyball net and have that set up for some real action. This will be sure to get a competitive edge going and will help get the guests hungrier for the food. Other options like badminton, soccer, baseball, and bocci ball tend to be popular. Just make sure there is a healthy balance of games to play before and after you eat. Nobody likes sprinting a lot right after eating.


    4. Turn up the outdoor lighting and the fire pit 

    As the daylight begins to fade, help your guests feel welcome and comfortable with some ambient lighting and a firepit to cut the chill. Especially if you are going to continue to play games, or hop in the pool, the lights are going to be a necessity. If you want to take it a step further, get some smart light bulbs that can change to any color you want. Watch as your guests wonder what kind of magic just happened.


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