How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent in D.C

    Buying or selling a home is a daunting and emotional task – one that can become chaotic and unwieldy if the process isn’t undertaken with care.  When you’re buying or selling a house, you’ll likely reach out for professional help from a real estate agent. In D.C. there is high competition, which makes it especially important that your home sale be in the care of a licensed professional with experience in the neighborhood you’re located.

    Your real estate agent will be the one to watch your back when you didn’t even realize you needed to have it watched. The D.C. housing market is a cutthroat moving target. Properties move fast and can easily go into bidding wars. Choose a real estate agent you can trust to be your advocate. For sellers, that means searching for a proactive, technology-savvy agent. Also, look for an agent who has some social-media marketing muscle. On the other side of the transaction, there’s something to be said for a buyer’s agent with a solid track record of closing deals.

    How do you choose a reputable real estate agent in D.C.?

    Take your time finding the right person. Not only should they be licensed and able to provide recommendations from happy clients, they should be compatible with you on a personal level. You will be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent throughout your home process, and trust is key to success. For the sake of your sanity, make sure to choose someone you respect and enjoy being around.

    Sit down with your potential real estate agent and discuss exactly what you do and don’t want in your home, or what your sale considerations are. Make a top three list of things you are not willing to compromise on. This meeting is crucial. If buying, be absolutely honest about your budget as well — your realtor doesn’t need to be wasting their time looking for houses you can’t afford.

    Here’s how to choose a great real estate agent in D.C:

    1. Talk with agents’ recent clients.
    2. Check for license and disciplinary actions.
    3. Ask about professional awards.
    4. Select an agent with the right credentials.
    5. Find out how experienced an agent is.
    6. Look at the agent’s current listings.
    7. Gauge the agent’s knowledge of the area.

    Any agent who is unwilling or unable to meet any of the standards above is not a good candidate to represent you in home negotiations. Eng Garcia Grant’s team of licensed professionals have unique experience working with each of D.C.’s many neighborhoods.

    Check out our neighborhood guides if you’re just beginning your search or contact us to set up a meeting. We welcome all of your questions and can’t wait to work together to find your dream home or sell your starter home.




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