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    How to Keep Your Family Entertained During a Weekend Visit to D.C.

    Although D.C. is full of events and activities such as major concerts and nightclubs, they’re not exactly suitable for families. Not to worry though, because if there’s one thing D.C. isn’t missing, it’s family-friendly activities. Washington is full of interesting and exciting venues the entire family can enjoy, and here are some of the best ways to keep your family entertained during a weekend in D.C.

    The Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo

    If you’re visiting D.C. for the first time, do not miss out on the National Zoo and the Smithsonian museums. They’re by far and away the biggest attraction D.C. has to offer for entire family, and you can literally spend entire days there without getting bored. If however, you’re a repeat visitor to D.C. and would like something different, read on.

    College Park Aviation Museum

    Let’s be honest, we’ve all thought of becoming a pilot at some point in our lives. For kids who dream of flying, nothing comes close to the College Park Aviation Museum. The best part is that the museum allows visitors to sit in the cockpit of an old, vintage 1939 plane and play with the controls. You can even dress up in a pilot costume and try flight simulators first hand. A must-visit even if you’re not the biggest fan of flying.

    Beauvoir Playground

    Located just next to the Washington National Cathedral, this private school has one of the most impressive playgrounds in the entire D.C. area. It features a zip line, rock climbing, rope bridges, and even multilevel slides. When school isn’t in session (on weekends for example), the playground is open to the public. Your kids will enjoy hours upon hours of endless fun in this place.

    ClimbZone USA

    It’s certainly not for everyone, but if and your family love adventures and excitement, ClimbZone USA ranks high as a must-visit destination. This Laurel facility allows families to climb up walls which resemble Mount Rushmore, and it’s even got a curved skateboard ramp. You will also enjoy the automated carabiners, which automatically lower you to the ground after you’ve reached the top.

    DC Ducks Tour

    If you want a tour of D.C. that isn’t boring and tiring like most of them are, DC Ducks Tour is an excellent choice. You board a World War II amphibious vehicle which trundles past monuments and the White House as it heads towards the Memorial Bridge. When it reaches Virginia, the Duck dives into the Potomac and heads towards Reagan National Airport before returning to land. The tour also provides each of its customers a duckbill-shaped “quacker”. Kids love playing with it, although some might love it a bit too much and get on your nerves as a parent. You’ve been warned.

    2 Amys

    Hands down the best dining spot for a family. During weekends, it seems like there’s twice as many kids as there are adults in this Cathedral Heights pizzeria. Famous for its authentic Neapolitan pies, 2 Amys is a hotspot for a lot of D.C. visitors. Plus, since most childless Washingtonians avoid it, your kids will likely find a playmate from one of the other families and enjoy hours of fun.

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