Neighborhood Spotlight: Friendship Heights

    Friendship Heights is a beautiful, suburban neighborhood in the southeast of Washington D.C. and located in ward 3. The region is famous for its endless strip of shopping centers, boutiques, and restaurants. Despite being predominantly known for its glamorous shopping scene, Friendship Heights also hosts a number of quality single homes, condos and apartments. If you are looking to buy a residence for yourself in this D.C. neighborhood, this article will help you evaluate Friendship Heights in various aspects you might want to consider first.

    Popular Spots in Friendship Heights 

    Friendship Heights is one of the most popular shopping hubs of the D.C. city. There are hundreds of stores located in the neighborhood. The most famous and upscale malls include Mazza Gallerie, the shops at Wisconsin Palace, Chevy Chase Pavilion etc. These shopping malls nestle a large number of stores and restaurants, a number of which utilize sustainable recycling practices. There are also various high-end, renowned designer stores located including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. The neighborhood is also host to food chains such as Booeymonger, Sushiko, and The Cheesecake Factory to name a few.

    Schools in Friendship Heights

    Academic institutions can be a decisive factor if you have children and are looking to buy a residence. There are a number of elementary, middle and high schools serving in and near Friendship Heights. All these schools are located at comfortable distances from the main residential areas. The overall student to teacher ratio is 15:1 which is quite satisfactory. In addition, schools in this neighborhood spend almost $16,500 on a student while the U.S average in this regard is close to $12,000.

    The crime rate in Friendship Heights

    As a resident or a potential buyer, safety might be your biggest concern when it comes to living in a certain neighborhood. A crime report on Friendship Heights suggests that the rate of violent crimes such as assault and shootings etc. is negligible in the area. Most of the crimes include only store thefts or burglaries.

    Market Snapshot

    Due to the commercial nature of the neighborhood, Friendship Heights might not exactly be cheap when it comes to real estate.  The median sale price for a residence is around $1,500,000 while the rent is almost $5000. However, these prices may vary for the kind of residence you are looking for and its location. They also depend on the market trend that fluctuates. In the past ten years, appreciation has been noted to be approximately 3.7%.


    If you love art and appreciate a happening scene, Friendship Heights can just be the perfect location for you. The long list of stores, diners, theatres etc. is sure to captivate you once you visit this neighborhood. Most of the homes have a colonial feel to them and have magnificent architecture. All in all, Friendship Heights an urban, posh neighborhood that you can fall in love with instantly. However, if you wish to buy a residence you may find it to be a little expensive. But if you can manage to afford it, this neighborhood will serve you with a great experience.

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