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    Trying to DIY? Here’s When to Hire a Professional Renovator in D.C.

    1. Will a mess-up make a big impact?

    Although many DIY projects may seem simple, they likely involve a variety of tools and knowledge on how to use them.

    For example, power washing your home may seem like an obvious DIY project – especially in California, where salt in the air can be damaging to your home’s surfaces. However, the high-pressure water can be dangerous for those who aren’t accustomed to it. The water can easily make a hole in your house or worse, hurt you or a family member.

    A good example of when to hire a professional is for termite damage and prevention. It’s best to hire an exterminator to evaluate the damage, especially because it could just be wood damage. If your house does have termites, investing in an exterminator will ensure that your house is up to regulation standards and won’t be further damaged.

    Other projects like electrical work and plumbing are also best left to a professional as well. Touching or snipping the wrong wire can get you electrocuted and make your DIY a big fail.

    Keep in mind that if you get injured working on a project, that is time you’re missing from your job and spending time with family.

    2. Are you losing more money than you need to?

    Going back to the power washer example, it wouldn’t cost much less to rent a power washer and all of the equipment than to simply hire a professional.

    Plus, professionals have all the tools to fit different areas of your house, giving you the best bang for your buck.

    Problems like termite infestation can be expensive to repair, however, you cannot sell your home without it being fixed properly.

    It will also cost you even more money if you end up getting injured or destroying something in your house along the way.

    3. Will your renovation be as lasting as that of a professional job?

    Sure, you may be able to get more projects done with the same amount of money, however, you’ll likely have to redo it in a couple of months if it’s not done right.

    Hiring a professional means it’s their duty to get it not only right, but perfect. Many professionals have ratings on their sites or you can check out places like angie’s list.

    4. Do you really have the time you need to do a good job on your own?

    Although you technically could install those new doors you’ve been dreaming about, getting the necessary tools and learning how to do it can take a long time.

    Most professionals will give you an estimate on how long it will take them, giving you the peace of mind to go on with your life after a couple of short hours.

    Who would want to spend their entire weekend in the heat reading instructions? Not many people would and those who experienced this would tell you hiring a professional is the best option.

    5. Will it impact the resale value of your home?

    Even the most expensive, beautiful tiles will look bad if they’re poorly laid. Most home buyers are looking for something they can move into with no worries or remodels to be made.

    This means even poorly laid tile or a wonky landscaping job can devalue your home and make it hard to sell in the competitive market.

    Either way, DIY is best only for creative projects that don’t require too many tools. There’s always a time and place for DIY, but don’t let it cost you extra time, money, and headaches – especially during the process of selling your home.

    Contact us today if you need a rec for a handyman or contractor, we have plenty of folks to refer!

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