Turn Your Next D.C. Home into a Vacation Rental

    Turning your home into an attractive place for guests to stay can seem like a tough task, but with a little bit of time and a couple of small additions, you can turn a space into a memorable place for visitors to call home for a few days, and keep bringing back vacationers

    Step One: Clean up the Goods 

    The cleanliness of the home is the first thing any guest will notice upon coming in. If you will be home at the same time as the guests, make sure you have cleaned, swept, and dusted every surface in the parts of the house they will be living in, as well as washed any linens and the carpet.

    If you will not be at home when guests arrive, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning company to come in once a week or so to make sure that overlapping reservations come to the same clean, tidy space.

    Step Two: Create a Comfortable Bedroom

    The guest bedroom should have adequate room for guests to store their belongings without having any of your own taking up any space. Aside from the bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, and a lamp or two, the room should be free of clutter and have plenty of space for visitors.

    Most importantly, the bed should have a fresh set of sheets and at least two blankets available for guests to use. A comfortable bed will leave your guests satisfied in the morning while an uncomfortable one may leave them wondering why they didn’t just get a hotel instead.

    Step Three: Curate a Fresh Bathroom

    Of all places, the bathroom should be kept immaculately clean. If there are any personal products on display, the guest may feel unwelcome. Instead, put your personal bathroom products away in drawers or under the sink, aiming to have as little on display as possible.

    You should provide some complimentary toiletries in case guests do not have their own, items such as small soaps, shampoos, or even a cheap toothbrush.

    Step Four: Offer a Livable Living Room and Kitchen

    When the guest is at home, they will either be spending their time in the living room or the bedroom. Having a few comfortable seats and sofas available, as well as entertainment options, will make their nights and mornings feel just as homely as if they hadn’t left their own at all.

    Include candles, paintings, or other small amenities to add a flair to the living room without overcrowding the space. You want your guest to be as comfortable as possible without feeling like they are intruding.

    When it comes to the kitchen, some visitors may wish to use your kitchenware to prepare their own food instead of eating out to save money. You should have a set of basic cookware for guests to use during their stay, and put items you don’t want them to use away.

    Step Five: Secure Your Home to Help Guests Feel Safe 

    Having guests coming in and out of your home while you aren’t there can be a safety concern. Two basic investments are essential to keep your property safe.

    First, buy a code-locked keyholder. These can contain a spare set of keys for your home that you can keep somewhere out front, safely secured with a code that you give only to your incoming guests.

    Second, invest in a security system or at least one camera outside your front door. It can act as a prevention to problems, but in the unlikely event that guests do steal your belongings or trash your home, you will have video evidence.

    Step Six: Go the Extra Mile for your Long-Term Stays 

    If, after these small changes are made, you feel that your home could still use a little sprucing up, consider investing in some larger-scale renovations.

    Renovating the kitchen and living room to a matching style will transport your guests to this new place and create a memorable experience to look back on. Plus, pictures of a beautiful and cohesive space will attract guests looking for something closer to a high-class experience without having to pay for a luxury hotel.

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