What makes Washington DC the number 1 city to live and work?

    Washington DC (District of Columbia) happens to be the capital of the United States of America (USA) and can be called a truly great city that offers you plenty of choices with respect to work, lifestyle, and recreation. It is true that you all differ in terms of your preferences. As such it is but natural that you are wondering if the city or even the suburbs of this city are going to be the right option for you or not.

    Plenty of activities

    Washington DC is well known for the high number of cultural activities (Free in DC, PopVille) that it holds across the year. Apart from that, there are plenty of theater venues (Ford’s Theater, National Theater) and shopping options (Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets, Potomac Mills) over here as well. This city would always allow you to experience something or the other such as professional sports with franchises (Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards), historic sites (National Mall, Washington Monument), museums (Newseum, International Spy Museum), and street festivals (A Capitol Fourth, National Cherry Blossom Festival) to name a few. Apart from that, there are plenty of outdoor recreation options as well.

    Great weather

    Washington DC is located in the Mid Atlantic area and as such escapes the extremities of weather that can be an issue in some other cities of this great country. The weather here is relatively mild and the number of natural disasters is lesser than some other parts. In fact, over here you can experience the four seasons in a proper way.
    You get snow over here but unlike New England, it never gets too cold. As opposed to a number of states in the south the summers are a lot milder. For example, unlike in Nashville, you would not get the kind of heat that burns your skin and the kind of humidity that you get instantly after a shower.

    Central location

    Washington DC is situated centrally and this enables you to access some of the top getaways in the USA by driving just a few hours. The locations that are accessible pretty easily from this city may be enumerated as below:
    • Baltimore
    • Annapolis
    • Wilmington
    • Philadelphia
    • New York

    From here you can get across easily to Fredericksburg, a site where a famous battle of the Civil War was formed. Gettysburg is pretty close by as well. Mount Vernon happens to be close to the city as well. Baltimore offers a great change of scenery from Washington DC.

    Different kinds of people

    The USA is known to be ethnically the most diverse country in the world and Washington DC can be called an apt representation of the same. There are people from various nationalities, economic, and religious backgrounds making this city a melting pot in the truest sense of the words.

    More than anything else, the level of education over here is really high and that is one of the most interesting reasons as to why anyone would want to live over here. Following is an approximate demographic breakup of the city:
    • 48 percent white
    • 25 percent African Americans
    • 14 percent Hispanic
    • 9 percent Asian

    Different kinds of neighborhoods

    Over here in Washington DC, you would find different kinds of neighborhoods. There are the urban collections full of apartments and condos as suburban areas that are made up of townhouses and single-family homes. In fact, if you ventured further you would catch glimpse of some rural farmlands as well. This means that you can always choose to stay in a community that would suit your lifestyle the best.

    Plenty of parks and green spaces

    If you are thinking of being in touch with Mother Nature again then Washington DC surely has to be a great spot. There are plenty of green spaces such as the National Mall, the National Arboretum, and the Tidal Basin. This would allow you to get away from the din and bustle of city life.

    Plenty of job opportunities

    Since this is the seat of the federal government you are going to get plenty of jobs with it. If you want to work for the federal government then this has got to be the destination for you. The USA government offers around 140,000 jobs in the city. Apart from that plenty of other job opportunities in sectors such as private healthcare, tourism, and defense contracting.

    The suburbs

    When it comes to factors such as education levels, school rankings, and income levels Washington DC has the best suburbs in the USA. The best among these happen to be North Laurel and Silver Spring that are more affordable than the others. Some of the top schools (Georgetown Day School Lowe/Middle School, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, School Without Walls High School), and universities (Georgetown University, Howard University, George Washington University) are located over here.

    The food

    The food in Washington DC is one of the reasons why you can make this city your home. The cuisine is international – you get Salvadoran and Ethiopian food over here – and there is a lot of variety of markets such as chic cafes, farmer’s markets, hipster bars, and eateries run by celebrity chefs. In short, you would find something to suit all budgets and tastes. There are also a number of food sampling tours that you can take part in while in this city. This is especially true when you are unable to decide what you would be eating next.

    Friendly towards women and LGBTs

    At least 10 percent of the people in this city are members of a thriving LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. This is 300 percent more than the average for the USA. The city also boasts of the highest number of households manned by homosexual couples. It is also ranked highly metro areas as far as women’s well being is concerned. The Measure of America says that women in this city are said to be highest earners among their kind in the country and are among the most highly educated as well.

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